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I want Jamey and Daves Jobs...

Last year I made some predictions that all didn't pan out, but for most part alot of them were bang on! I had predicted the Saints to win the Superbowl with Brees leading the way (who didn't right?)... Predicted a MONSTER year for Ray Rice... But that was last year... lets see what happends after afew weekly predictions... CBS I hope your paying attention!

WEEK 4 Upset of the Week


Buffalo coming of a huge week for there offense in New England just coming up empty handed will prove that they are not as bad as they have shown all year long. I will take the Bills to win there first game of the year and it will be mainly in part of there no. 2 WR Roscoe Parrish who had a good week in New England. I do not like the Jets this year because I think they are reliying too much on L.T. and not there future Shonne Greene (even though he has been less than stellar).

Stars of the Week


This will be the make or break week for some on the edge QB's in the league... Let's see who makes my cut ya?

Alex Smith
Playing against a very questionable defense out in Atlanta, this could turn into a gun slingers match and Matt Ryan is already proven, now its Alex Smith's time... You can easily predict 250+ yards and 2 TD's, especially with a new offensive coordinator coming along.

Sam Bradford
You will see him exploit this weak Seatle defense, the same way Phillip Rivers did. He will have the best start of his career so far and surpass 300 yards and 2 TD's. Coming off his first career win, a second is not out of the question here.


Maurice Jones-Drew
He has had a rough ride this year, and even coming into a game where you know they will need to throw, alot, I think MJD will breakout for 150 rushing yards and 2 TD's... A little much you say? Remember... this is MJD were talking about... I'm not of this ban wagon just yet!

Peyton Hillis
He has had a great deal of success since week 1. What frustrates me the most about him is the fact that Denver knew what they had in him, but just could not utilize him because the fans in Denver wanted the no.1 guy to be Knowshon Moreno. Don't get me wrong, other than all the injuries I believe Moreno has all the talent to become a feature back in Denver... But this kid Hillis, hes a brutal hard hitting runner who wont shy away from taking a hit for 2 extra yards, hes gonna plow through defenses... Even up against a tough Bengals D-line, you can count him for 80 yards and 1 TD.

Next Week, if I get around to it we'll talk about some strong WR options and TE's to flock from. Till then!
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Ok, last week wasn't the greatest of starts at 11-5... this week will turn ye!!!

Car @ Atl
@ Phi
Hou @ Ten
Min @ Det
Ari @ Jax
Oak@ KC
Stl @ Was
Cin @ GB
@ Buff
Sea @ SF
Pitt @ CHI
Cle @ Den
Bal @ SD
NYG @ Dal
Ind @ Mia

Some of you might be thinking, is this guy crazy??? NO! Jacksonville will come out and surprise this weak Arizona defense the same way San Fran did last week! I'm going on a HUGE game from Maurice Jones Drew and and solid game from this young offensive line.

Chicago will also flurish over the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am not saying they don't have a good team, just not a good enough team to repeat... Jay Cutler will find the flaws in that stellar defense and I believe it is Tyrone Carter. For those of you who do not know, he is replacing Polamalu. He is not a rookie guy, in his 9th season, 6th with Pitt. They will not keep up with the blazing speed of Hester or the amazing hands of Earl Bennett. Yes, the loss of Polamalu will hurt this team bad.

And yes, finally, Miami will go through the Indy defense this week like butter!! If you get Ronnie Brown angry he only plays better, and after last weeks disgusting turn of events for the Dolphins, I imagine that Coach Sparano gave out an ear full! Reggie Wayne and Peyton will keep it close, but who can really read the Dolphins offense... I'm almost positive that Sparano does'nt know whgats going on half the time!

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Winner is in bold.

Ten VS. Pitt

KC vs. Bal

Phi vs. Car

Min vs. Cle

Mia vs. Atl

Det vs. NO

Jac vs. Ind

Den vs. Cin

Dal vs. TB

NYJ vs. Hou

Stl. vs Sea

Was vs. NYG

SF vs. Ari

Chi vs. GB

Buf vs. NE

SD vs. Oak

A few games are one sided, but a majority of them should be close. St. Louis and Seattle will be closer than alot think, and same with Denver and Cinncinatti.
Please feel free to post your predictions and comments.

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Wide Recievers

I do not see the hype behind the Cardinals this year. Last year was amazing... straight up and simple. I would be shocked to see either Fitzgerald, Boldin or Breaston top the numbers from last year. Warner is getting older and more fragile. You will see Fitzgerald reach 1000 but by the skin of his teeth. Bolding will also reach 1000 and pass Fitz. Breaston had a GREAT run last year while Boldin was out, don't expect it again, unless Boldin goes else where.

Randy Moss will Lead the NFL in RE YD and TD'S. Bradys back and looking good. This also means good things for Wes Welker, whom will lead the NFL in TAR.

Look for Dwayne Bowe to keep improving and to drop less cathchable balls. Cassel showed last year he can find his recievers, and considering Bowe is the best thing in KC... expect him to clear 1100 yds and 10 TDs.

Percy Harvin was a amazing reciever in college. He finished the 40 in 4.37!!! He's just under 6', and has a 38'' vert.!!! All these things are great!!! BUT, Brett Favre is his QB. Enough said? Favre has already come out and said his arm is not the same. I would love to see Rosenfells launching him the ball. That would make him a No.2 goto guy in my books.

You will see the sophmore guys keep crusing along this year. Deshawn Jackson, even though they drafted Jeremy Maclin, Eddie Royal, even though Marshalls still there.

Rookies will also show up... Jeremy Maclin, Percy Harvin, Brian Robiskie, and Austin Collie.
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NFL 2009 Predictions

As the year came to a close last year I realized that alot of my predictions came true. The only issue is none were on paper... Who would've had Micheal Turner rush for almost 1500 yards? Well that would be me, but I also had in mind that he would out rush Adrian Peterson. So this year I will post it to see how accurate I really am!


Tom Brady will once again win the hearts of millions by throwing an outrageous 4000 yards, 32 TDs, and a mear 8 INTs. He will only be out shined by two people this year and only one is a QB.

One of the two being another quarterback... Drew Brees. Need I say more? This guys an animal and will once again clear 5000 yds, 35 TDs and 20 INTs. He is a fantasy animal as well as a saviour in New Orleans.

Matt Cassel is going to be a little bit of a bust I feel this year. As much as I hope he can prevail and still put up the same numbers as last year... Kansas is not the same team as New England... He will throw more INTs than TDs this year... 28-25 ratio. Thats if he makes it through the season, especially with three weeks of tough defenses coming at him... NYG, PHI and Dallas all back to back to back...

Matthew Stafford is going to have a rough rookie year but will prevail and get the measley Lions a 5 Win season! With a lot of top targets in Megatron, Kevin Smith out of the back feild and new TE Brandon Pettigrew, you will see alot of positives out of this team this year.

If Brady Quinn does not win the starting job he will take it over by the end of week 3 where the Ravens will enialate the poor arm of Derek Anderson. He will not turn this team around 100 fold, but he will look better losing than Anderson will. You can expect 2500 yards from him and maybe 18 TDs... but is that someone worth using? Not by my standards...

The last QB I will touch on is Matt Schaub... I can honestly say if he stays healthy, you will see Houston become a top runner to come out of the NFC. This guy can find Andre Johnson in triple coverage. He knows how to open the feild for Slaton. He is one of the better QBs in the league despite the injury problems.
Healthy- 4000 yds 30 TDs 15 INTS
Injured- 2800 yds 19TDS 10 INTS

Running Backs

I'm not gonna bother with Adrian Peterson. He is the other person I was reffering to out shining Tom Brady. Anyone else guess that? I want to see him rush for 2000... 18 Tds... Too much? Maybe if he were human I'd agree.

The other guys MJD, Forte, Turner and Williams will do the same as last year with the exceptions to MJD. He will out rush all of these guys and out recieve Reggie Bush again. Tally up a total of 2150 yards for this mighty mouse and 17 TDS... someones gotta score them.

Cedric Benson... Well, didnt think I'd see this day... He will not break 1000 yards... he will not break 750 yards!!! He will maybe hit 700 with luck. The future of the RBs in Cincinatti is Bernard Scott. I hope he gets his oppurtunity this year.

Everyone has already submitted there opinions about Pierre Thomas. Everyone loves him... So do I. Reggie Bush, take the back seat. Don't worry about Mike Bell either. Thomas is a star, and he proved that last year. 1300 yards is not out of the question for this guy and 1600 total. 11 TDs and 1 Fumble.

Glen Coffee will also get his chance after Frank Gore goes down with another injury this year. I know that preseason doesnt mean too too much, but I can not ignore what he did to a couple of teams. I know one was Oakland, but come on, are they really that bad?

Wide Recievers and Tight Ends to follow on Wednesday evening along with my Superbowl Picks.

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