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I want Jamey and Daves Jobs...

Posted on: September 27, 2010 12:07 pm
Last year I made some predictions that all didn't pan out, but for most part alot of them were bang on! I had predicted the Saints to win the Superbowl with Brees leading the way (who didn't right?)... Predicted a MONSTER year for Ray Rice... But that was last year... lets see what happends after afew weekly predictions... CBS I hope your paying attention!

WEEK 4 Upset of the Week


Buffalo coming of a huge week for there offense in New England just coming up empty handed will prove that they are not as bad as they have shown all year long. I will take the Bills to win there first game of the year and it will be mainly in part of there no. 2 WR Roscoe Parrish who had a good week in New England. I do not like the Jets this year because I think they are reliying too much on L.T. and not there future Shonne Greene (even though he has been less than stellar).

Stars of the Week


This will be the make or break week for some on the edge QB's in the league... Let's see who makes my cut ya?

Alex Smith
Playing against a very questionable defense out in Atlanta, this could turn into a gun slingers match and Matt Ryan is already proven, now its Alex Smith's time... You can easily predict 250+ yards and 2 TD's, especially with a new offensive coordinator coming along.

Sam Bradford
You will see him exploit this weak Seatle defense, the same way Phillip Rivers did. He will have the best start of his career so far and surpass 300 yards and 2 TD's. Coming off his first career win, a second is not out of the question here.


Maurice Jones-Drew
He has had a rough ride this year, and even coming into a game where you know they will need to throw, alot, I think MJD will breakout for 150 rushing yards and 2 TD's... A little much you say? Remember... this is MJD were talking about... I'm not of this ban wagon just yet!

Peyton Hillis
He has had a great deal of success since week 1. What frustrates me the most about him is the fact that Denver knew what they had in him, but just could not utilize him because the fans in Denver wanted the no.1 guy to be Knowshon Moreno. Don't get me wrong, other than all the injuries I believe Moreno has all the talent to become a feature back in Denver... But this kid Hillis, hes a brutal hard hitting runner who wont shy away from taking a hit for 2 extra yards, hes gonna plow through defenses... Even up against a tough Bengals D-line, you can count him for 80 yards and 1 TD.

Next Week, if I get around to it we'll talk about some strong WR options and TE's to flock from. Till then!
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